You can be part of something amazing this summer, IF you join with thousands of others and make your voice heard.

As a part of the Enough Food for Everyone…IF campaign, we’ve been campaigning to make 2013 the beginning of the end of global hunger. And in just a few months we’ve achieved some amazing things together. You helped the government to keep their promise on life saving aid, the only G8 country so far to do so, and kept up the pressure to stop big companies dodging their taxes in poor countries.

But now it’s crunch time. On the 17th of June leaders of the G8 – some of the most powerful countries of the world will meet in right here in the UK. This is our chance to push for real change and demand they take action to stop almost one billion going hungry every day.

Thousands of people will be travelling to London from across the UK for a rally in Hyde Park on Saturday 8th June to send David Cameron off with our demands ringing in his ears.

We must make sure the G8 leaders end tax havens that cost developing countries billions and stop food being burnt as fuel. You can help make it happen.

The event will run from 2-5pm, and is open to you and as many of your friends and family as you’d like to bring. It promises to be a truly exciting day with a range of inspiring speakers and performances from people across the globe – there really will be something for everyone.


The Diaspora Working Group, together with other Diaspora organisations engaged in the IF Campaign, will be there to add their voices. Now, all we need is your voice to join in.

P.S. We’re also holding an event in Northern Ireland on the eve of the summit. We’ll keep you posted.

Enough Food For Everyone IF is a joint coalition of over 170 UK charities campaigning towards the end of hunger in the world. There is enough food for everyone, yet one in eight people do not have enough food. This year, world leaders must tackle hunger and save millions of lives. If you want to stop the scandal, join the IF campaign at Enough Food IF.

Chibwe Henry 


Co-Chair Diaspora Working Group – IF Campaign