Alliance for Nutrition and Reconstruction (ANR) – Zambia


DfAD and Alliance for Nutrition and Reconstruction (ANR), a local organisation based in Choma, Zambia, have formed a partnership to work towards a shared vision of a improving the livelihood and food security in the local community. ANR has been in operation for over 10 years. They work in Choma and Namuswa districts of Zambia, facilitating the small scale development of processed food products (including wild mushrooms, dried bananas and mangoes) at the village level.

Choma Market

We are working closely with ANR to assist in expanding their financial base and to provide technical support that contributes to improving their capacity. We aim to enhance the quality and sustainability of their work while also providing a platform for cross-organisational sharing and learning. DfAD aims to build on this work with other local African development organisations in future.

ANR Zambia 2