DfAD works both strategically and on the ground within the African Diaspora communities in the UK and the local communities in Africa to contribute to improving their Health conditions. DfAD is currently an active member of African Diaspora Action Against Malaria (ADAAM) and Africa UK Health Volunteering and Institutional Partnerships Working Group.

African Diaspora Action Against Malaria (ADAAM)

ADAAM promotes and support Diaspora initiatives in volunteering, philanthropy, diplomacy, and social capital aimed at promoting and raising awareness about Malaria innovations in host and home countries and regions of the Diaspora. Chibwe Henry, DfAD’s CEO, is a Trustee.

Africa UK Health Volunteering and Institutional Partnerships Working Group

Its key focus is to ensure the contribution of the Diaspora to Africa’s development and fosters robust dialogue with policy makers inside and outside Africa. Its purpose is to ensure that the Africa UK programme develops a Diaspora strategy from the various health workshops and conferences it has hosted and or facilitated and to develop policy recommendations based on the outputs and outcomes of Africa UK health programmes. The Terms of Reference include:

• To contribute to the formulation of a Diaspora strategic plan with focus on policy formulation and or engagement
• To promote the Africa-UK health work plan as appropriate and with clear linkages to the wider health programmes inside and outside Africa
• To monitor and facilitate connectivity with related initiatives & networks.
• To provide a critical steer and expert knowledge on emerging themes and issues and advise on prioritization as necessary.
• To “open doors” for the Africa- UK health work plan to enable it to access networks and information as necessary to champion issues relating to the African Diaspora

AFRICA-UK supports UK-based Africans to influence policy and practice affecting Africa’s development.


• Provides a platform for African diaspora individuals and organisations to engage with decision makers
• Creates opportunities for Africans in the UK to share and exchange their experiences of influencing policy and practice
• Provides training, guidance and small grants to strengthen diaspora organisations’ influencing skills
• Supports alliances of diaspora individuals and organisations to conduct influencing work

This year’s programme includes mentoring and support for diaspora organisations, training sessions, policy workshops and networking opportunities across the UK. To find out more visit Africa UK.