DfAD works both strategically and on the ground with the African Diaspora communities in the UK, the local communities in Africa and other stakeholders to contribute to improving Food Security in Africa.


DfAD is part of AFRICA-UK Agriculture and Food Security Working Group. Chibwe Henry, DfAD’s CEO, is the current Secretary for the Working Group. AFRICA-UK supports UK-based Africans to influence policy and practice affecting Africa’s development.


• Provides a platform for African diaspora individuals and organisations to engage with decision makers
• Creates opportunities for Africans in the UK to share and exchange their experiences of influencing policy and practice
• Provides training, guidance and small grants to strengthen diaspora organisations’ influencing skills
• Supports alliances of diaspora individuals and organisations to conduct influencing work

This year’s programme includes mentoring and support for diaspora organisations, training sessions, policy workshops and networking opportunities across the UK. To find out more visit Africa UK.

Enough Food for Everyone IF Campaign


DfAD is part of the Enough Food for Everyone IF Campaign where Chibwe Henry is Co-Chair of the Diaspora Working Group with Natalie Duck from Concern Worldwide UK. Enough Food For Everyone IF is a joint coalition of over 170 UK charities campaigning towards the end of hunger in the world.

There is enough food for everyone, yet 1 in 8 people do not have enough food. This year, world leaders must tackle hunger and save millions of lives. To find out more about the IF Campaign, click here.