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Join in the crucial Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign of public pressure to put food at the top of the G8 agenda on 17-18 June and save millions of lives.

1 in 8 people do not have enough to eat. All this can change IF the world’s most powerful leaders get serious about tackling global hunger, tax dodging and land grabs. With David Cameron as the current G8 President, June 2013 is our big chance to save and change millions of lives. There are several ways you can get involved:

Come to the Big IF London

If you think preventable hunger in the 21st century is a scandal, join tens of thousands at the Big IF rally in Hyde Park on 8 June to demand concrete action on tax havens, unfair land deals and support for poor producers. (And for a great day out!)

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G8 Children


Get your IF wristband

Show people you’re supporting the Enough Food for Everyone. IF wristbands now available for £1.50 each.

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