As Founder and CEO of Diaspora for African Development (DfAD), an African diaspora and volunteer led non-profit organisation aiming to harness the potential of the African Diaspora to contribute to Africa’s sustainable and socioeconomic development, I am constantly re-inspired and re-motivated when I engage with my team. During the past few years, these team DfAD authenticated individuals have constantly given up their precious time to lead and develop the core programmes of the organisation, i.e., Agriculture, Education, Enterprise and Health.

I would therefore like to take this time to thank them, as without their tireless efforts, DfAD would not be were it is now. And because of this, the organisation has a bright future ahead.

Team DfAD Authentic™

Mr Negroes Dube – Board Chairperson

Mr Christopher Young – Treasurer/Company Secretary

Mr Alid Kambwili – Enterprise Director

Ms Lukeki Kaindama – Heath Director

Ms Kate Nkanza – Education Lead

Mr Greg Phiri – IT and Support

Mr Neville Jones – Web Developer

Ms Mujina Kaindama – DfAD Education Associate

Ms Alia Malik – DfAD Education Associate

Mr Masuso Chirwa – DfAD Enterprise Associate

Mr Garth Chibangu – DfAD Enterprise Associate

Mrs Yvonne Mulubwa – DfAD Associate

Board Advisors 

Mrs Rachel Smith-Phiri

Fr. Nicholas Kaliminwa

Mr Watipaso Mukanadawire

Thank you

Chibwe Henry