AFRICA-UK supports UK-based Africans to influence policy and practice affecting Africa’s development. Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel (SSAP) is responsible for ensuring that AFRICA-UK aims and ambitions are being practised and implemented in Wales. 

Diaspora Engagement with Policy Makers:

The aim ofseminar on is to:

  • To increase and raise awareness of the role of Welsh Diaspora in Africa’s development
  • To ensure that the Diaspora inform debates about development priorities for Africa
  • And to foster greater dialogue and engagement between policy makers and UK-based Africans working in development.
  • Network and engage with policy makers and other Diaspora organisations.

A panel consisting of guest speakers from DFID and aWelsh Assembly Minister, AND representatives from Africa-UK teams;Comic Relief, Chatham House, Big Lottery and Waterloo Foundation will present their views on the involvement and role of Welsh African Diaspora in the international development sector.

 Diaspora Fundraising Training:

The seminar event will be followed by a free fundraising training by member of the Welsh Diaspora and a team from Comic Relief who will give a specialised training on their new International Grant Fundraising stream with special focus on the Common Ground Initiative which supports Diaspora organisations. Members of the Diaspora with semi-filled applications will be given one to one surgery on their applications.

The aim of training is to improve Diaspora’s grant application skills and develop an understanding of needs and assessment followed by funders. Comic Relief’s fundraising training will provide an insight of requirements needed by big funders whilst a general grant funding training will cover the basics of filling an application form.



There are plenty of parking spaces available. Train and Coach Stations are only 10-15 walking distances and there are buses (bus no 6 comes near the building from Cardiff  Bay/Town):

RSVP to (07828329923)