DfAD as part of a consortium consisting of four other partners; ENTRAIDE (MUTUAL AID), Chipo Musara Foweraker,  Agnes Ngulube Holmes and  Agric International Ltd, was announced by Africa-UK on 9th September 2013 as one of the winners of the pilot Africa-UK Influencing and Engagement Small Grants Scheme. Five winners in total were announced, 4 of which are consortia. The winning influencing and engagement activities are to be carried out between October 2013 and January 31st 2014.

Our consortia, called ENTRAIDE (MUTUAL AID) & PARTNERS, will hold an Influencing and Engagement event in parliament called “Rising to the Challenges of African Agric & Food Securitywith the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Agriculture and Food for Development. This will be done with the support of the Institute for Development Studies (IDS). Professor Lawrence Haddad, IDS Executive Director, will deliver a keynote speech at the event.

The objectives of the event are to Enhance understanding and recognition amongst decision-makers of the role the African Diaspora play in the development of Africa’s Agriculture and Food Security through the increased collaboration between African individuals and organisations, and the promotion of progressive and informed debate that engages and influences decision-makers to implement existing or proposed policies concerning Africa’s Agriculture and Food Security more effectively.

A policy brief will be produced at the end of the project.

The other four grant winners are:

  1. Cameroon Forum & Partners
  2. The Global Native
  3. WHEAT Mentor Support Trust & Partners
  4. WAM Campaign & Partners

Check out the Africa-UK link here for more details of the activities of the winning projects listed above.

Keep checking www.dfad.org.uk for further information on how to get involved in the “Rising to the Challenges of African Agric & Food Security” parliamentary event