Chibwe Henry, DfAD CEO

Chibwe Henry, DfAD CEO

I am pleased to inform you that I am one of the speakers at the BOND Conference this year. Bond’s ‘The Shock of the New: bringing innovation back to development’ conference is taking place on Tuesday November 5th at the Business Design Centre (BDC) in London.

The conference is the largest event of its kind in Europe this year and is expecting over 500 participants to attend from UK and international organisations, including NGOs, universities, think tanks, donors and government.

It is a great honour to be included among some of the best speakers in the international development sector who will be providing bold new insights, innovative approaches and analysis on a dynamic and fluid global political landscape, and will highlight the best of current thinking to give a complete overview of current practice and debates.

Bond has expanded this year’s conference to include 2 keynote speeches, 21 concurrent sessions and workshops as well as the AGM for its members. The conference also includes an exhibition area with 30 of their partners.

The concurrent sessions will focus on seven core areas: effectiveness; public support; policy; programmes; funding, collaboration and resourcing, which together will cover the crucial issues facing the UK international development sector.  Alongside the sessions are the supplier workshops which will provide practical solutions to sector travel, recruitment and operational needs.

I am speaking on an exciting session called ‘New collaborations: engaging diaspora communities’ whose aim is to encourage greater understanding of collaboration between diaspora organisations and INGOs and identify ways forward to encourage greater and more positive collaborative working.

The positive contribution of UK diaspora communities in tackling poverty and inequality often receives little acknowledgement with diaspora-led organisations tending to sit on the margins of the development sector.  However, recognition of our importance is growing.  Established/national NGOs and communities are beginning to understand how stronger, strategic links with diaspora-led NGOs and communities could be of real benefit to both parties, but often neither party has the confidence or knowledge to take it further. Using real life examples, my session will therefore explore the challenges and the mutual value and opportunities for working together.

The session will be Chaired by Mark Tran from Guardian Global Development.  Other session speakers are:

Onyekachi Wambui, Director of Engagement & Policy, AFFORD

Natalie Duck, Head of Policy and Campaigns, Concern Worldwide

Naana Otoo-Oyortey MBE, Executive Director, FORWARD   

Daniel Hale, Campaigns & Communications Manager, Progressio

Ben Jackson, Chief Executive, Bond

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The Diaspora’s inclusion at this year’s Bond Conference highlights the new thinking in the sector. This is accurately  reflected in the conference theme, ‘The Shock of the New: bringing innovation back to development’.

Our prominent presence and voice on the BOND Conference Agenda confirms the great strides being made on both the diaspora’s and INGO’s side towards working together to form synergistic collaborations within mainstream international development. However, how this serves to contribute to advancing Africa’s sustainable and social economic development will depend on the solid commitments that both sides make going forward.

Find the full Bond Conference programme here and follow the conversation via #bondconf and #dfadspeaks.

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