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Register now for the Informal Hearings and HLD – deadline extended: 22nd of May

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This is just a reminder for civil society organizations, academia and private sector organizations to register for participation for two events taking place at the United Nations headquarters in New York this year: the UN High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development (HLD) 2013 on 3 and 4 October 2013, and the preparatory one-day informal interactive hearings with representatives of civil society organizations and the private sector on 15 July 2013.

The deadline for registration (single process) for BOTH events has been extended to 22 May, so ONLY 11 more days to register!

Registration must be done through this UN website:

Some instructions:

  • Follow the link above and click on “Participation” on the left.
  • You will find two links, one for “representatives of non-governmental organizations in consultative status with ECOSOC” and another for “representatives of other non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and the private sector”. It is important to recall that according to a Resolution adopted by the General Assembly in December, organizations without ECOSOC status wanting to participate in either or both events will have to be approved by UN Member States on a “non-objection basis” before the 15th of June (as required for that “non-objection process, we will be submitting the list of organizations and participants who have registered without ECOSOC status). Non-ECOSOC organizations and participants will be informed whether they were so approved by 17 June 2013 latest.
  • To register, first download and read the PDF that corresponds with your category (i.e., ECOSOC status or not).
  • In case you are experiencing problems viewing these files, we offer a download link to the two versions of the PDF for your convenience. These should give you the information needed to complete your registration:

 Version 1, ECOSOC status

 Version 2, non-ECOSOC organizations

  • The registration system is in English, but organizations are free to fill out the questions in French or Spanish. Also if you go to the registration link for NON-ECOSOC organizations, you can find a pdf in French and Spanish with the questions from the registration form.

Registering on time is essential

  • Please make sure to pre-register on time, even if you are still not sure whether you will be able to attend, since the deadline for registration is the 22nd of May, 2013 (no exceptions!).
  • Important: organizations and participants without ECOSOC status, who are not yet registered in the UN Civil Society Contact Database should make sure to register early, since it might take up to 48 hours for your profile to be activated, and you cannot register without this activation! Please note that you can also fill out your profile in French and Spanish.

Registration does not equal eligibility to participate: you must also receive a Confirmation!

  • Organizations with ECOSOC consultative status, should receive a confirmation of their eligibility to participate by 1 June 2013 for confirmation of the number of participants that can participate from your organization.
  • Organizations and participants without ECOSOC status that have been approved within the states’ “non-objection” process should receive a confirmation of their eligibility to participate by 17 June 2013.
  • If you are experiencing any problems please contact us directly and immediately, at contact@hldcivilsociety.org : explain what the problem is, and we will try to guide you through or put you in touch with the right UN entity responsible for the registration system.

Some further details regarding the registration process

  • Registration is open to all sectors of civil society, including diaspora and migrant organizations, human rights and development groups, labour organizations, academic institutions and the private sector.
  • If you do not know the name of your representative(s) who will participate yet or need to change the name at a later stage, it is possible to designate the name later.
  • It is expected that most applicants will be eligible to participate, however, because meeting space is not unlimited, the UN Secretariat may have to set a maximum number of participants per organization.

Possibility to apply for limited funding assistance

Information on the possibility and procedure to apply for funding to help (partially) with the costs of travel and participation will be sent out in the coming week to all who have registered in this process and also the broader mailing list of civil society participants in meetings of the Global Forum on Migration and Development in recent years.  However, such funding is quite limited—about 70 participants total (counting both the Informal Hearings and the HLD itself). With that in mind, priority will be given to leaders in migration and development activities at grass roots, national or regional levels among [a] organizations and participants from developing and low income countries, and [b] migrant and diaspora organizations. We encourage all interested participants to research other funding options, such as through your organization, community, or government.